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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that corporations have to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all
Socially responsible investing (SRI) describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good.

green@work : Magazine : Back Issues : Nov/Dec 2001

Cover Story

In the Driver’s Seat

by Katie Sosnowchik



To loosely paraphrase an old adage, behind every great automaker is a great automotive supplier, the company that provides the behind-the-scenes integrated technology solutions that customers want—and even demand— in their automobiles. Standing behind many well-known automotive giants is Visteon Corp., a company with a not-so-famous name that currently ranks number two in the marketplace it serves. It has earned this standing in part because of an unparalleled commitment to the environment, says chairman and CEO Peter Pestillo, who emphasizes that there can be no distinction between good business initiatives and sound environmental ones. the whole story >>


Between Yellow and Blue
It’s Up to Us

Actions and initiatives worth noting.

Corporate Acts: The Auto Industry Responds
Recent actions by automakers address growing concerns regarding global climate change.
By Michael J. Radcliffe

SRI On the Rise
The future holds exciting things for socially responsible markets.

Top Marks
Two-thirds of socially responsible funds earn top performance marks in a down market.

Special Section:
Future Mobility

Envisioning future systems of mobility while making changes today.
By Piper Scholfield

Reinventing the World,
Step Five

Building a hopeful path to prosperity with innovation and design.
By William McDonough
and Michael Braungart

Read On: Wise Choices
Two new books discuss ways to redirect national policy toward sustainable, renewable energy sources.
Reviewed by Richard Walthers

Michelin Challenge
Bibendum 2001

Car manufacturers and owners strut their “greener” stuff for the industry.
By Karrie Laughlin

Frankel-y Speaking: Sustainability and September 11th
The terrorist attacks have a silver— or maybe it’s a green—lining.
By Senior Columnist Carl Frankel

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