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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that corporations have to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all
Socially responsible investing (SRI) describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good.

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Partners in Green
Haven Properties is named Partner of the Year for protecting the environment through energy efficiency.

The Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) and the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) recently announced a newly created partnership designed to promote affordable green building.

“The mission of the partnership is to provide a statewide green building program that creates both environmental and economic benefits,” said Roy O. Bonnell Jr., executive director of FGBC, an independent nonprofit organization established in 2000 to promote green building in the state of Florida. “We have accomplished this by creating a broad-based coalition of members including all sectors of the building industry, and individuals interested in the environment, academics and government.”

While both organizations are committed to promoting affordable green building and advocating the use of the FGBC Green Building Standards, the partnership will allow FHBA—a trade association representing more than 19,700 corporate members involved in Florida’s home-building and remodeling industry—and FGBC to:

• Unify Florida’s green building standards by advocating the FGBC Green Home Designation Standard and Green Development Designation Standard as the “green standards” for builders to follow

• Advocate incentives for builders and developers whose projects are certified under FGBC Standards

• Develop resources to educate and encourage the public to consider green building

“FHBA’s strong emphasis on continuing education will allow us to ensure our builder and developer members are aware of the standards and benefits of greening their new home construction  projects,” said Bob Sisum, FHBA’s Green Building Sub-Committee chairman, and a Bradenton, Fla., home builder. “The partnership is a great opportunity for us to expand on our green building efforts throughout Florida.”

Since 2001, FGBC has created four green building standards for: Green Homes, Green Development, Green Commercial Building and Green Local Governments. Under development are three new standards: Green Multi-Story High Rise Residential, Green System Built/Modular Homes and Green Interior/Universal Design. The FGBC is the leading green building organization in the state, with around 300 business, nonprofit, government-agency and individual-building professional members.

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