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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that corporations have to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all
Socially responsible investing (SRI) describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good.

green@work : Magazine : Back Issues : Sept/Oct 2002 : Special Section

Special Section


As a company of International Paper and the global leader in pine chemistry, Arizona Chemical traces its origin beyond the healthy, sustainably managed forests that it depends on now—back to the open, arid expanses of the desert west in the 1930s, where Arizona Chemical began mining saltcake for use by the papermaking industry.

What a difference 70 years makes. Today, Arizona Chemical’s 14
manufacturing plants around the world receive their basic raw materials—tall oil and turpentine—from the paper and forest products industry. These raw materials are renewable resources that are derived from co-products of papermaking, and through Arizona Chemical’s refining processes, become pine-based chemical intermediates for the adhesives, inks and coatings, and oleochemicals industries.

Manufacturers of tapes, fuel
additives, tires, lubricants, surfactants, industrial cleaners, labels,
printing inks, roadmarkings, insecticides, cosmetics and more rely on
the natural, renewable characteristics of Arizona Chemical’s products
to ensure the integrity and sustainability of their own products.
But ensuring the renewability and sustainability of its product base isn’t enough for Arizona Chemical. To grow, the company must renew itself, as well. The research and development successes that earned Arizona Chemical its reputation in the industry propel it to seek new and unique applications for its chemistries.
One of the most exciting new developments involves a process to extract and purify phytosterols present in pine trees for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and natural cholesterol depressants. Through its recently announced joint venture—Arboris LLC—Arizona Chemical will produce sterols for leading nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food companies worldwide. Arboris sterols, obtained from pine trees, will be unique because of their high purity and reliable raw material supply.
Both the past and the future of Arizona Chemical rest firmly in nature. From the forests of Florida and Finland to the phosphate mines of Africa and Alabama—Arizona Chemical remains committed to being a partner with its customers, its employees, its communities and the world all around it.

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