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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that corporations have to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all
Socially responsible investing (SRI) describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good.

green@work : Magazine : Back Issues : Jul/aug 2001

Cover Story

The Pragmatist

Green@Work Cover July Aug 2001Eileen Claussen’s career has spanned nearly three decades of government service, taking her from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency all the way to the state department. Then, three years ago, her career took a decidedly different turn when she founded and became president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, an influential NGO that is actively engaging the private sector in efforts to halt global climate change. In her new role, Claussen offers a unique perspective on the problems and possible solutions at hand—a viewpoint she willingly proffers with a convincing candor and a common-sense attitude. Claussen is a self-described pragmatist who is now facing the diplomatic battle of a lifetime.
By Katie Sosnowchik



Between Blue and Yellow
Caution: Optimism Ahead!

Private sector ingenuity at work.

Actions and initiatives worth noting.

“I Gave at the Office,
and You Can, Too.”
Directing your support to those who can make a difference.
By Victoria Hyla

Best Bets
As advances in alternative renewable energy technologies soar, investors keep a watchful eye and a somewhat bullish attitude on where the players are heading.
By Dianne Saenz

Reinventing the World,
Step Three

The Passive Positive List facilitates the transformation of an existing product into an optimal one—
while working within the
existing infrastructure, the existing marketing and the existing branding—essentially all the conditions around the product.
By William McDonough
and Michael Braungart

10 Reasons Why
The surprising truths about the business value of sustainability reporting.
By Bob Massie

A Wealth of Savings

A new partnership aims to help ease the nation’s energy crunch.

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Imagining the Future

Leading American thinkers
contemplate what the future might hold in Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century.
Reviewed by Richard Walthers

How Do We Live?
A diverse array of authors respond to this query in the new Sustainable
Architecture White Papers.

Reviewed by Penny S. Bonda, FASID

Frankel-y Speaking:
Report to the Grand Vizier

Senior columnist Carl Frankel
issues an extraterrestrial call
for whole-system strategizing.

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